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USDA #: 73-a-2299
PHONE: (918)772-2884

CONTRACT: To Purchase Puppy/Adult

This contract is between _________________________________ now on noted as the "Buyer" and Little Wonder Pets

owned by Barney Hawkins and Wendy Gamble; from now on noted as "Seller".

Breed:___________________ Sex:___________________ DOB:___________________ Color:___________________

Sire: ______________________________________

Dam: __________________________________

Litter Number or Adult Number: _________________



Have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within (5) five business days of delivery. Seller must be informed

immediately of the examination's results by e-mail or by phone. The failure of this will result in the cancellation of this guarantee.

Provide puppy with routine prevention care, such as, but not limited to:

Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian.

Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations and deworming.



This puppy is guaranteed until one (1) year of age against fatal and life altering congenital disease which adversely affects the health of the animal. This includes severe hip dysplasia which hampers a dog’s movement and

natural gait and requires surgery to correct. Kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, and liver problems of a severe life threatening or altering nature. This contract guarantees against blindness and deafness. If the dog dies within one year time frame, the buyer will pay to have it autopsied to ascertain reason. If the reason is congenital, a written

statement by a licensed veterinarian must be provided, the Seller will then replace the puppy.

There are certain disorders that may be caused by "environmental" factors., I. E. Allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange and other autoimmune disorders that are NOT covered by this guarantee. SELLER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS THAT HAPPEN AFTER THE PUPPY LEAVES THE SELLER.

Seller will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred. Buyer is aware that owning a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understands that he/she will be responsible for all payments.

As of the date of delivery, the puppy has received proper vaccinations and wormings. The buyer has been informed of these and of future vaccinations and wormings due.

This guarantee does not include Coccidia and Kennel Cough, which is common in puppies that are shipped and usually caused by bacteria. Kennel Cough is self limiting and like the common cold, it must run its course.

Full recovery is expected and Kennel Cough on its own is not life threatening. Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

is common in small breeds (Toy - Etc.) Be prepared for the responsibility. WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR HYPOGLYCEMIA.


A puppy showing any serious genetic or congenital defect will be replaced as follows:

Animal must show the defect by one year of age. Seller must be notified of the problem within two (2) business days of the licensed veterinarian’s determination, provide a written statement of the problem and Seller will provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value

A puppy with a defect must be returned or euthanized with the prior permission of the Seller to qualify for a replacement puppy.

A returned puppy must be returned to the Seller in good condition, other than the specified problem, at the Buyer’s expense. The owner will then qualify for a replacement puppy.

This guarantee applies to the original Buyer only and is nontransferable to a second party.

No replacement puppy will be given if the puppy has been bred, spayed, neutered, or  euthanized without

Seller’s permission.

Replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality. It is understood that the replacement may not be from the exact same parents of the original puppy.

Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury is not covered under this guarantee.

There is no guarantee or warranty that the Buyer will be able to show or breed the puppy regardless of show breeding potentials.

We understand that some would not want to return a family pet for replacement. If the puppy qualifies for replacement as stated above, we would refund (½) one half the amount paid. Which would not include any shipping charges. The requirements for the refund are as follows. The registration papers on the dog would be returned to the Seller. That the said puppy would be spayed or neutered if not already done so with the Seller’s prior notification and permission.


This contract is null and void if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.

The deposit is only refundable in the following circumstances:

1. The puppy you have placed a deposit on perishes before you receive the puppy, and there is no other puppy that you want to substitute for the one that perished.

2. The puppy you have placed a deposit on is found to have a birth defect that has been disclosed to you, and you do not wish to purchase another puppy as a substitution.

3. Deposits are non-refundable just because you have "changed" your mind and now do not want the puppy.

4. Deposits placed on a litter before they are born are honored in the order in which they are received.

5. If you place a deposit on a upcoming litter and what you are looking for is not born, you have two options:

A. Get your deposit back.

B. Leave your deposit for an upcoming litter of your choice.



Dogs over (1) year of age are sold AS IS. There are no warranties on these guys. Buyer is welcome to have the dog checked out by their vet before purchase. All health records will accompany sale of dog.

Notes on this dog are as follows:



PUPPIES are pet quality and sold for the purpose of pets. No guarantee is made on the size, color, quality, disposition or fertility.


This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of the sale, current on regular puppy vaccinations, and given dewormer for round and hook worms. Any previous illness, problems, current imperfections, etc. are listed as follows:

Puppy to be vet checked before shipping. No problems noted as of this date.


The price of the above is:$__________

The deposit is: $__________________

The price of shipping:____________

Pay Pal Charges  $_______________

TOTAL COST:  $___________________

Balance due before Pickup:$_________

or Shipping


Shipping includes the Plane ticket, Taxes, Fuel Surcharges, Insurance, the proper size PetTaxi/Crate, A Health Certificate issued in Your name, USDA forms in Your name, Registration papers, Ground Transportation to the Airport, a small bag of dog food and other misc. expenses associated with getting Your puppy comfortably and safely home to You.
For more Information on shipping call (918) 772-2884

USDA requires that we keep information on all puppies/adults that leave our kennel. We will need the following information. Your signature at the bottom of your information page indicated that you understand and agree with all the terms of this contract.

Name of Buyer:__________________________________ Date:__________________

Name of Co-Buyer: _______________________________ Date:__________________

Address of Buyer: ______________________________________________________

E-mail Address: _________________________________________

Telephone Number: ___________________________________________

Signature of Buyer: _______________________________________

Signature of Co-Buyer: ____________________________________

Signature of Seller: _______________________________________